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Privilege Account automatic password reset?


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  • Build 8903
  • Active Directory Domain for authentication
  • Privilege account with limited access to read AD
  • Privilege linked to Password in a Password List
  • Password List has reset enabled
  • Password is Enabled for resets and heartbeat
  • Privilege service account selected in Reset scripts


Heartbeat works, but for the life of me I can't get this privilege account to reset it's own password in AD. I'm not trying to reset other account passwords at this time, just it's own. Upon attempting I get "Error it appears the Privilege  Account Credential being used for the reset does not have sufficient privileges to change the password" 


Looking in AD the account does not have user cannot change password flag set. Under the security tab Account Operators has the Full Control/Allow flag set. 


What am I doing wrong?  Right now this is just a standard domain account. The account used was set to never expire it's password in AD. We would like to have this automatically change per security requirements. 

In the future we would expand it's capabilities and delegate the right to change other account passwords. 



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