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Elevating Privileged Account For Testing Purposes


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Some customers can run into different issues relating to sync'ing active directory accounts in Passwordstate.  This can quite often be caused by custom permissions on AD Objects or containers.



One way to quickly rule out if permissions are causing the issue, is to elevate the Passwordstate Privileged Account to be a Domain Administrator, and then try to reproduce the error.  To find and elevate the Privileged Account, please follow these steps below:


Step 1:

In Passwordstate, under Administration -> Active Directory Domains, open your domain and look for the Privileged Account being used:



Step 2:

Again in Passwordstate, go to Administration -> Privileged Account Credentials, and open the Privileged Account you found in step 1.  Take notice of the account name:



Step 3:

In Active Directory, open the account you found in Step 2, and add it to the Domain Admins Group:



Now try to reproduce the issue you were originally having, and see if the problem persists.  If this resolves the issue try investigating the permissions on the AD object, or container where it resides, to see if you can work out why a normal account cannot query it.


Once this test has finished, we'd recommend removing the Domain Admin privileges from your account again.




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