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Password Expiry Reminder


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I have purchased all the licensing and I set up the password reset portal. Honestly I do not need all the features for users to reset passwords. I only need the email reminders, which is what I purchased the licensing for. The problem is, I'm not getting the email that my password is about to expire. Do users have to register before those emails are sent? Or am I missing a configuration somewhere and that's why I'm not getting the emails? The ports are open by testing with the powershell commands test-netconnection.


I am not seeing a way to test any of those features, so I'm afraid that I have to do the all or nothing when all I really want are the email notifications because Windows does a poor job of alerting users in my opinion.

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Hello Lockbresnar,


Sorry for the late reply. If you have purchased some licenses, you can always get a quicker response if you log support calls via our Support page here - https://www.clickstudios.com.au/support.aspx 


And to answer your question, whilst our software is designed to provide full functionality, in theory what you're asking should work i.e import required security groups and users, but don't assign them to any Verification Policies. It should still send email reminders, as based on the pwdLastSet attribute for their account - and obviously they need an email address assigned to their account as well.


Click Studios

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