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Internal server error


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After installing all updates from Windows Update, additional software and rebooting the server, Passwordstate isn't accessibly anymore.

Instead loading the Form Based Authentication from Passwordstate, the error message "The page cannot be displayed due to an internal server error" is displayed.


Rebooting the server (Windows Server 2012 R2) doesn't not help.

There are no error messages in the Windows event viewer.


What possibilities do i have, to debug this problem?

Please help me fixing this error.





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I reinstalled the WSUS role and Passwordstate did work again.


To be sure, i uninstalled WSUS a second time and the internal server error also reappeard, after rebooting the server.


Now i have installed WSUS again and Passwordstate function normal......



Would you please try to reproduce this problem and look for the cause?

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Hi Than,


Thanks for the information. Generally we do not recommend installing Passwordstate on the same server as WSUS or Sharepoint, as removing these roles uninstalls components of IIS which are required for Passwordstate to function. We're not exactly clear on what it removes which breaks Passwordstate, and we have had a look in the past.

If you would like to move your Passwordstate install to a different server, you can use the following articles for this:





Click Studios

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