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Problem with Send Account Heartbeat Request for Local Acocunt Administrator


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I receive this error message, when the Send Account Heartbeat Request test is launched on a domain server in order to validate the local Administrator account:


A manual Account Heartbeat check failed to validated the password for account Administrateur (\Dossier\List) of Account Type 'Windows' on Host server.domain.lan. Error = Failed to validate the local password for account 'Administrateur' on Host 'server.domain.lan'. Error = Exception lors de l'appel de « ValidateCredentials » avec « 3 » argument(s) : « Accès refusé. »


Thank you for your help

Best regards


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Thank you for your reply !

I tested on two of the servers by putting the registry key, but it still does not work, the command on the Passwordstate server had already been made for Workgroup servers with clients.

The problematic servers are Windows 2012 R2 Standard joined in an Acrtive Directory domain.

I'll do some research on my side too!


Best Regards


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Did you reboot the two servers after setting the registry key? For the first time, you need to reboot the server to fully enable this "feature".
As mentioned in the other post, i have done a lot of troubleshooting on this problem and it still exists in our environment, too. Also on domain joined computers, sometimes in the same domain as our passwordstate server.

The ValidateCredential method uses the "old" DCOM/WMI connection, so you also need to check the DCOM and WMI permissions and firewall exclusions (if used) on theses servers (But for the local administrator, this should work).

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