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SMTP Via Google Apps / Gmail


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I have been trying to setup our PS server to use Google Apps SMTP service. I have put in the SMTP server address (smtp.gmail.com), port 465, the account email address.

I have also enabled TLS and added the password.

I continue receiving an error during setup.

Has anyone used Google Apps for email in the past?

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Hi scubes13,


Sorry we missed this post. We've been able to successfully send emails via gmail with the settings in the attached screenshot - obviously change the UserName and Password for your account.





Click Studios

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Update to this forum post....We've had a customer report issues to us recently, when using Google SMTP service to send out the emails.  Google have now introduced some tighter security, and will deny "less secure" apps to use this service.  You may get this error if testing an email from within Passwordstate:




To resolve this error, please do the following:


  1. Sign into https://myaccount.google.com as the account you have specified in Passwordstate
  2. Click Connected Sites and Apps
  3. Turn "Allow Less Secure Apps" ON
  4. Retest your email settings inside Passwordstate







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Just an FYI for anyone using Gmail without a "work" account - If you have strong authentication turned up "less secure apps" isn't an option for you. 

I'm kinda stuck not being able to send email from passwordstate at the moment but I haven't set up MiTM & wireshark to review why TLS SMTP fails for me.


I may just go this route however I have minimal RAM at the moment as this is in a VM running on my dinky ReadyNas RN312.

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