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We're currently doing a trial run of PasswordState and having our database team create a SQL database for it. Our database administrator is asking for the projected growth of the database. I don't have any idea how to answer this.


Our use case is currently about 50 system administrators managing several hundred service accounts/passwords, but it could expand to several hundred IT staff supporting a few thousand passwords (guesstimating here). If theoretically we were to expand this to all of our users, it would be around 10,000 users.

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Hello Kysmith,


It's a bit difficult to provide projections for this, as it really depends on how Passwordstate is used i.e. do you intent to upload large documents into the system, how heavily will you use the API(s) as they can add a lot of auditing data depending on what types of calls you make.


In our development environments, the databases are around 150 to 170Mb, with several years of data - but that would not be a tru simulation of 10,000 users. On the screen Administration -> Auditing, there is also some instructions for your DBAs to archive the Auditing data, if it starts to grow too large - and by that we mean millions of records.


Click Studios

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