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Next button does nothing

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Hi Erik,


You are welcome to log a support call about this to our email address if you like, but I'll put some troubleshooting steps below for this:


  1. Can you first try resetting your installer, to see if that fixes the issue: https://www.clickstudios.com.au/community/index.php?/topic/1663-resetting-the-passwordstate-setup-process/
  2. Do you have any AV software or scanning software installed on your web server, that you can disable whilst performing the Passwordstate install?
  3. If you still cannot get past this error, could you open developer tools in your browser, and look under the "Console" tab when clicking on the next button.  This should give you a Java Script error.  Could you screen that and paste it into this thread, or send it to our support inbox and we'll do our best to fix this.





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Hi Eric,


Not sure what this is at the moment but I have a couple of suggestions:


  1. Did you try resetting the installer yet?  https://www.clickstudios.com.au/community/index.php?/topic/1663-resetting-the-passwordstate-setup-process/
  2. When you browse to your Passwordstate website for the first time, can you access it via HTTPS instead of HTTP?  Does this help?
  3. Could you try running your browser in incognito mode and run the through the initial set up[ again.  Does this help at all?







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