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recently we introduced NLB to direct traffic to passwordstate server.  we had problem as the server refused traffic (API with restricted IPs). Enabled xforward on the NLB but still there was problem.  PasswordState documentation under section "X-Forwarded-For Support " explains,not how. 

I checked on server to find Proxy&SysLog tab.  After adding the required IPs (NLB) I manged to get the service working properly.

Would it be possible to modify the documentation to add some examples, that would make troubleshoot much easier.





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Hi Emad,


Thanks for your post. As you can appreciate, there are many types of Load Balancers and Reverse Proxies in the market, and we do not have access to them all to test/document. Each of the vendors should have their own documentation for this, and we encourage customers just to reference that instead.


Click Studios

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