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Passwordstate 8 - Accessing a password record configured for One Time Codes errors with "Character is not a Base32 character."


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Uploading a QR code in an incorrect format could lead to a error below:


Error Code = Character is not a Base32 character. Parameter name: c, StackTrace = at OtpNet.Base32Encoding.CharToValue(Char c) at OtpNet.Base32Encoding.ToBytes(String input) at passwords_Shared_editpassword.AnalyseOTPUri(String QROutput, Boolean FromTimerTick) at passwords_Shared_editpassword.PopulateFields()


Passwordstate 9 has some preventative code to stop this from occurring, but in Passwordstate 8 you will need to clear the QR code manually.  To do this, please follow these instructions below:


First, you should take note of the Password ID for your Password Record that you are having troubles with:



Now using SQL Management Studio Tools, run the following script but substitute in your Password ID



USE Passwordstate

UPDATE Passwords SET OTPUri = NULL WHERE PasswordID = 'xxxx'


Now you should be able to access your Password Record, and upload a valid QR code.







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