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Using Permalinks for Folders, Password Lists or Password Records


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Permalinks are short cuts to specific places in your Passwordstate web session.  You can supply Permalinks to other users to point them to the exact location you require.  This is also handy for documentation, as you can embed Permalinks to a Password Record or Password List, instead of inserting this sensitive information in the documentation.  Please note whoever is accessing the Permalink will need permissions to view it in Passwordstate, otherwise it will error.


How Do I Do This?



Folder Permalinks:

  • Click a Folder from your Passwords Home, and click the Folder Options button



  • Copy the Permalink from here:




Password List Permalinks:

  • Click a Password List and select the Permalink link



Password Record Permalinks:

  • Click the Action Menu for an individual Password Record, and select Copy or Email Password Permalink




  • For Password Lists or Password Records, you have the option to email it directly to people, or you can copy and paste the Permalink and distribute as required:


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I've got an important question on this:

On V8.4 when opening a permalink (List or Folder) the three does not open the appropriate folder.



So currently using the permalink on the left side you see the closed tree and on the right side you can only see "search", "documents" and "folder properties".


Also it would be great to see on the right panel of an opened folder all parent Subfolders and Passwordlits and maybe an folderlevel-up-button.


Kind Regards


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We can confirm that a Folder or Password List will not be selected in the Navigation Tree, if you have Load On Demand enabled - this is by design, because nested items do not exist in the Tree until you expand the parent nodes.


Load On Demand is only generally recommended if you have 1000+ nodes in the tree - how many do you have?


Click Studios

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Hi Fabian,


Due to the complexities of these Nodes not existing in the tree, would an alternative be that we perform a Search in the Navigation Tree and then select the correct node?

This search would only happen if Load On Demand is enabled.


Click Studios

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Hi Mark/Lee


Sounds like a great idea!!

As I understand this would solve the issue completely, even though it's probably not as fast as expanding without the Load-On-Demand-Feature.


Thanks a lot for all the effort you spend in developing this software, it's highly appreciated.


Best regards,





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