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Authorizing web server - Your emergency password is blank in the database

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When I finish the installation and start the application for the first time, system says I need to include the webserver as an authorized one, but when I type the emergency password in order to do that, a message saying the password is blank in the database appears.


I'm stuck in this point of installation.


Any ideas about how to solve this issue?


Thanks in advance,



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Hello Jordi,


This sounds like you have database connectivity issues, which is a bit strange considering you finished the initial setup which creates all the tables.


In the web.config file, you will see the database credentials being used here. Can you test them using SQL Server Management Studio?


Since we're also not sure if all the tables have been created, and data added, it might be worth resetting the installation and starting again. You can do that by following these instructions - https://forums.clickstudios.com.au/topic/1663-resetting-the-passwordstate-setup-process/

Click Studios


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Thanks for your answer.


We have removed all the components from the server in order to reinstall them again. Same error.


The first time you try to access the platform, the same error appears (I attach the screenshot containing the message).


Do you have any idea about how to solve that? We are very close to choose your platform as the regular PAM in my company, but I need to prepare a demo for my colleagues and manager in order to show all capabilities and take the final decision.


All the components (IIS, SQLExpress, PasswordState) have installed following the installation guide and they seem properly installed, so I don't have any clue where the error could be located.


Thanks in advance,




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