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User Acceptance Policy and links


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I have some links in our User Acceptance Policy that I would like to update.

But when right-clicking on the link and selecting 'Properties', the error below is shown.


"Web.config registration missing!
 The Telerik dialogs require a HttpHandler registration in the web.config file. Please, use the control's Smart Tag to add the handler automatically, or see the help for more information: Controls > RadEditor > Dialogs > Introduction"


How do I fix this?


In addition: how can I add a new link into the policy? This option seems to be missing?


Thank you.

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Hi Hans,


I've just tested this, and we do not support clickable URL's in our User Acceptance Policy unfortunately, so this must have been in there for a while for you. We assume you must be on an older build of Passwordstate, as we also do not have a right-click option - atleast when using Chrome on Windows.


Click Studios

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The links have been in there since we started using Passwordstate. So it must have been possible to add links in one of the older builds.

The right click option is available both in an older build and the most recent build, but ony for existing hyperlinks, independent of the browser being used.


But when clicking 'Properties' I get the error.


From your response however, I understand that links in the UAP are no longer supported.

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