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Audit Report to show all Passwords that users have access to


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Hi Guys,


Our External Auditors are asking me for a report from PState that shows ALL passwords ALL users have access to and what lvl of access (RO, Modify, Admin).


Is this something that is possible ?  I can only find reports that will show all password LISTS that a user has access to but doesnt detail the passwords inside that.


So currently i get a list of 300 specific passwords from Audit and then i have to screenshot the location/path of the password which then gives the auditor the specific password and the list it is in.  Then i have to screenshot the permissions of the password List to show who has access.  So in total this is 600 screenshots i need to take to show who has access to each password.


Ideally i could just run a report that will show all access to all passwords for all users and then give them that to go through themselves.




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Hi Alan,


Could you try the report "What permissions exist for all shared password records (enumerated permissions report)?" to see if it gives you what you need? This can be found on the screen Administration -> Reporting.


Click Studios

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