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Mobile App Error: Connection failed, please re-scan the pairing code to try again.


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If you are attempting to scan the QR code into the Passwordstate App, but you receive the error where it connect connect, try to following troubleshooting items:


Step 1:

On your phone, open a browser, and try browsing to your AppServer URL.  You will need to see a "200 | Status OK" message.  If you don't your AppServer URL is not available from phone connection.  This could be firewall, or DNS blocking this access.


Step 2:

Check that you have the AppServer computer name set correctly under Administration -> Authorized Web Servers.  This must be in netbios format, and not FQDN.  If you do not see your server on this page, add it in and try scanning the QR code again.  Ensure you set the Role to be an "AppServer" and the functional riles has Mobiel






Step 3:

Check the C:\inetpub\PasswordstateAppServer\web.config file "AppSettings" section.  You should not see a line that says the following:


<add key="SetupStage" value="Setup Complete" />


Instead, it should look similar to the screenshot below.  If you see that SetupStage line of code, please remove it and save your web.config file, and try again.




Step 4:

Update the AppServer module by following Section 6 in this guide, and try scanning the QR code again: https://www.clickstudios.com.au/downloads/version9/Upgrade_Instructions.pdf


Step 5:

You should also update the Mobile App on your mobile device to the latest version, from either the Play store, or the Apple store.


Step 6:

Re-query the AppServer SSL public Key by following this forum post, and try pairing again: https://forums.clickstudios.com.au/topic/15380-query-app-server-ssl-public-key-mobile-apps-ios-and-android-connection-issue/





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