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Displaying the Description of a Password List when hovering over it in the password tab


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Hey Guys,


I've been tasked with migrating our company from KeePass to Passwordstate. We are in the testing phase and one user brought up the point of seeing the description of a folder while hovering over its name in the folder structure. We have to follow a strict naming convention for our DBs so being able to hover over a specific folder and seeing a description of what its for saves a lot of time (Note: The folder shown in these images is just for illustrative purposes and does not follow the aforementioned naming convention).

This is the feature in KeePass: image.png.a8186930298bc7b5616f8ee6d0e10928.png This is the field that is used for the description in KeePass: image.png.985685290bbc9df7027fbf039790b6d3.png

And this is how that note translates to Passwordstate: image.png.f14b1755e9530d383cd97b5cadfb9bee.png The not carried over but now users have to manually navigate into each folder to find the one they actually need. I am not sure if some preview/hover feature like this exists or, if not, are there any plans to get this feature implemented in the future? Thanks in advance for the assistance on this matter!

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Hello Tyrone,


Thanks for your enquiry.

Due to performance reasons, we need to limit the amount of data we present here in the Navigation Tree. We have some customers with thousands of Password Lists and Folders, and the more data you need to download for this Tree Structure, the slower it us.


Click Studios

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