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Can't select SSO for Web Authentication


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Hey Guys,


I've been asked to setup SSO to make using Passwordstate more convenient. I have read that first you need to disable Anonymous Authentication in IIS Manager which I have done. All the SSO are greyed out for me still. There was a point where SSO was selectable, I chose it and hit save but it reverted back to Manual Logon Authentication. I did not select Local Logon as my sign in option, Im using my AD credentials to logon . Could this be due to the way the software was initially installed? Is it possible that authentication may have been set to Form Based Authentication? Is there a way to check/verify this? This project was initiated and primary setup was performed before I joined the company so I am not aware of how it was initially setup. I have inclued a screenshot showing that Anonymous Authentication has been disabled as well as on showing that SSO is still greyed out. I am just learning as I go so any assistance on this topic is greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!



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Hello Tyrone,


Based on your intitali screenshot, we think you might be changing the default authentication in IIS, and not for the Passwordstate web site itself - by default, both Anonymous and Windows authentication are enabled for our site.


Click Studios

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