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URL icon - display URL on mouseover


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Hi all, was there ever web GUI functionality that would display the URL for a password entry in a little pop-up text field when you hovered your mouse over the URL icon in the password list view? I'm like 97% sure it used to work like that in some previous version.




I'm not exactly when it stopped working (if it ever did) but I'm pretty sure it was an update we applied in the last half year or so. I have tested in multiple browsers (Chrome/Firefox/old IE) on multiple different computers.



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Hi Greg,


We've just checked version 8, and we did have a tooltip back then, but not in version 9.

If you want to see the URL, there is a system setting that you can change. Simply go to the screen Administration -> System Settings, search for URL, and you will find the setting "When displaying URL columns in grids, display the URL value as a".


Click Studios

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Ah ok, thanks team... glad to hear I'm not just crazy. :P


Any chance the URL tool-tip could make a comeback in a future version? I don't really want to foist a system-wide change on all our users.  Happy to start a new thread over in the Feature Request section if it would help.



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