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  1. Hi all, just wondering if anyone is successfully using the PasswordState plugin with the Vivaldi browser. It's Chromium based, so it should work... and in fact the plugin installs fine and even detects when there's a password field on a page with a matching password entry in PasswordState... but the Show Matching Logins entry doesn't populate in the plugin menu. I'm also pretty sure it used to work, but stopped working one day after an update to either Vivaldi or to PasswordState. This was ages ago though, maybe years. I've been meaning to make this post for a while. Screenshot here: https://imgur.com/a/WL4Wigp Greg
  2. Back in version 8.x, hovering your mouse over the URL icon on a password entry would display the URL as a tooltip. It was super handy to be able to quickly see it without having to open up the password! Would love to get that functionality back. ref:
  3. Ah ok, thanks team... glad to hear I'm not just crazy. Any chance the URL tool-tip could make a comeback in a future version? I don't really want to foist a system-wide change on all our users. Happy to start a new thread over in the Feature Request section if it would help. Thanks!
  4. Hi all, was there ever web GUI functionality that would display the URL for a password entry in a little pop-up text field when you hovered your mouse over the URL icon in the password list view? I'm like 97% sure it used to work like that in some previous version. I'm not exactly when it stopped working (if it ever did) but I'm pretty sure it was an update we applied in the last half year or so. I have tested in multiple browsers (Chrome/Firefox/old IE) on multiple different computers.
  5. As a work-around while the new browser plugins are being developed, I've taken to simply duplicating the password entries in PasswordState for those pages where auto-fill is a problem. That way the PS browser plugin sees multiple entries and turns yellow waiting for you to choose one, instead of just filling in the form. Greg
  6. Hey guys, The vast majority of our saved passwords were not created with the Browser Extension, so they mostly don't have anything filled out on the Browser Form Fields tab. I'd be willing to do some testing with getting those filled out and changing the 'Attempt to fill web sites...' setting if I could change that setting at the user level, but I can't just turn it off at the system level since it'll affect the way the product works for our entire user base.
  7. Hey all, I happened across a good example of an undesired auto-fill today. This is the settings page for our Barracuda email device, which has fields to set the address of the outbound SMTP host and username/password fields for the Barracuda to authenticate with that SMTP host. The PasswordState plugin sees those username and password fields, and fills them in with the credentials I have saved to log into the Barracuda web GUI... which of course is not what should be in those boxes. Having an option to only fill a page after clicking the PS plugin icon would solve this situation.
  8. +1 to Frank's suggestion. There are lots of times where the browser extension fills in forms that I don't want it to fill in. A common example is when looking at the 'settings' page in a device's web gui... there might be fields to enter a new password and fields to enter a notification email address along with other configurable device settings. The browser extension will often try and fill those password and email address fields, even though I don't want it to. I've taken to opening those pages up in IE to avoid the issue.
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