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Unable to record remote sessions for domain admin users?

Jack Went

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When using the browser-based launcher with shared Remote Session Credentials (domain admin) the sessions don’t seem to record, it creates the rdpv file but when I got to playback it just sits there saying connecting in the bowser and in the gateway logs I see “SEVERE: Invalid file to play” also includes file location.

If I login with a standard user or administrator account the session is recorded. If I login with domain admin creds the session doesn’t get recorded.  

I have checked every setting in the passworstate gui and in the gateway config, everything seems to set correct according to the documentation. So out of ideas as to what could be the cause

Just for context I login to passwordstate with a standard AD user account that has been granted full admin rights on passwordstate and I’m using shared remote session credentials when connecting to remote host.

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Hi, I've got something similar, when i browsed to the path of the .rdpv file, there were 2 files with the same name, one is name for example, session12012022.rdpv and the second one session12012022_1.rdpv. the first one was 1ko and the second one a lot more. i just renamed the first one .old and removed the _1 on the second one and now it display correctly in the playback.


Hope it help ;)

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Sadly, for my issue the file names match and the only error I see is "SEVERE: Invalid file to play" in the gateway logs, I have compared permissions of the files with working recordings and they match, and all files are between 5kb and 350kb, my gut feeling is somethings corrupt or there’s a permissions issue somewhere. I have opened a support case for it so hopeful will get resolve soon enough and ill post my findings here.

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Just wanted to say thanks to Jack for working with us on this issue.


We found out that if your Username has a decimal place in it, then the third party remote session gateway that we've integrated into our software, will replace this decimal place with an underscore in the file name.


This is now resolved in build 9661.


Click Studios

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