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Copy to clipboard error for Safari users


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We experienced some strange behaviors in the copy to clipboard functions since the upgrade to 9653 for some of our Mac/Safari users. Are there any already known issues here.

If the user is trying to copy a password to the clipboard, Passwordstate is displaying a error message. If he is doing the same with Chrome on Mac it works at expected.


Does anybody recognized already similar issues?


Please find attached the error.





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Thanks for that information and your prompt reply. I did not recognized this update.


We did the update right now but the user affected reports that the error message still appears.

It is now working within a password list properly, BUT in case you open the password record the error appears under certain circumstances.

It is working when the user uses the copy button directly after opening the record. In case you copy the username first or the URL then the same error is displayed and copy does not work.

Same applies if you hit the copy password button more than 1 time.


So it seems that the error is not fixed to 100%.





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