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API get password list IDs within a folder


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I need a way to list the password list IDs contained within a folder. We use the root folder structure to determine access control, and have a script that; shows the last change date, for all accounts, within all password lists, within a folder. The key being -within a folder. This script is very important to us as its used to meet a compliance reporting requirement. 


We currently collect the password list IDs manually from the folder history export in the UI, and provide the IDs to the script using an inputs file. But this process is very labor intensive for the sec admins. A different export and inputs file is created for every root level folder, and has to be updated each and every time a user adds or removes a password list. 

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On 3/13/2023 at 9:20 PM, support said:



Would the Search for Password Lists method in the API work here i.e. by TreePath field?

If not, thanks for your request.


Click Studios

How could I use TreePath to to find all password lists associated under a root folder?  We use root folders to segregate departments (a department can only see their root folder and within), so everything within a root folder belongs to X dept, and any reports would need to be generated within those confines.  

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We’re also encountering a situation where we need the API to return nested object IDs.

folders to return password list ids

password lists to return password ids


With nested object IDs being returned we could then use loops to process those returned objects.


Having to maintain a list of specific password IDs to target with a script is time consuming. 

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