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Improve performance of copy to clipboard

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The copy to clipboard functionality is really slow. It takes more than a full second like shown in this youtube video.
I am aware of this topic where it is explained that the slowness is a result of extra security measures that were needed after a software audit. However, this still seems way too slow for what it could be. 
I hope you consider to improve this.

If you also want this to improve, please vote this topic up by replying to the thread with a +1 as your response!

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Hello Mathijs,

With that video you linked to, it is not taking more than 1 second - as soon as you see the Clear Clipboard button appear, the contents is in the clipboard.

We have optimized this updated feature as much as we can, and we will not compromise on security and revert back to the older client side method.

If you are seeing performance issues, then please see this forum post for suggestions - https://forums.clickstudios.com.au/topic/15217-delayed-copy-button-action-when-upgrading-to-9653. In our environments, the process takes approximately 300ms.


Click Studios


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