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Improve performance of copy to clipboard part2

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Thanks for replying to my previous opened topic about this. But you closed it so I couldn't reply anymore. 
You mention in the previous topic that the process takes approximately 300ms. I also see that if you only display 10 records.
But when you display 30 records (that's not even that much), it regularly takes 1300ms to copy it to clipboard. 
Is there really nothing to be improved in that?


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Hello mathijs,


When clicking this button, we do a postback to the server to perform the following:

  • Check your account has access to the password record
  • Retrieve the password
  • Add auditing data

When we postback, the whole ASP.NET Viewstate payload is sent back to the server, which includes data for all controls on the screen. So the more rows in the grid, the larger the payload to send back to the web server.

I've just tested a grid which is showing 30 records, and the timing is around 350ms for me.

So if you are seeing poor performance in your environment, we recommend reducing the number of rows in the grid, and use the search functionality instead - to find the records you need.


Click Studios

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