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Error Console: Build No '9823' - Timeout value exceeded for charts data.


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You are seeing some errors in the Administrations -> Error Console that reference "Build No '9823' - Timeout value exceeded for charts data.", but you are not seeing any impact on your daily usage of Passwordstate.  This error relates to the charts that get drawn on Password Lists, Passwords Home or on Auditing screens:








In a recent build Click Studios have introduced some extra security to prevent unauthorized user from reading the values of these charts, so an timer was added to these charts.  If the charts do not render on the page within 20 second time limit, then that error will be issued in the error console.



Typically, these charts would render within one second, unless you were using a Load balancer, or Reverse Proxy that is blocking this functionality.  If you bypass your Load Balancer or Proxy you should see that these charts are instantly drawn, and no errors will be issued.


These charts are drawn via a API call, so your load balancer or proxy will need to allow access to the API on each of your web servers.  The API can be accessed by appending /api to your Passwordstate URL.  Confirm that the URL you access Passwordstate on is the same URL set under Administration -> System Settings -> Miscellaneous -> Base URL.


Also confirm that your webservers have the API role selected, under Administration -> Authorized Web Servers.  Open your web server on this page and tick the appropriate option if it isn't already.


Lastly, check that you are not denying your Load balancer or Proxy access to your API if using the Allowed IP Ranges feature.  Check under Administration -> System Settings -> Allowed IP Ranges tab for any IP Addresses in the API Allowed IP Ranges section and make sure that your devices are not being blocked on this page.




You can disable the charts altogether in Passwordstate via a User Account Policy, which should prevent these errors, if you cannot workout why the API cannot be accessed through your Load balancer.  This forum post has some information about how you can configure a User Account Policy to turn of Charts:  https://forums.clickstudios.com.au/topic/14917-simplifying-the-passwordstate-user-interface-ui/




This error is harmless, and your users will most likely not notice anything, but if you want it should be able to be fixed if you investigate why the API cannot be accessed through your Lod Balancer or Proxy.






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