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HP ProCurve Password Reset Example


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Step 1: Ensure you have prerequisites set up for your web server and hosts, as per this forum post (Once off process)

Step 2: Add new Password Record configured as follows:


Screen 1: Ensure you configure the below 5 options correctly and enter in the password for the account.  If you configure an Expiry Date it will automatically change the password when that date is reached.



Screen 2: As of January 2018 the Procurve Reset script has been updated to allow you to not have to use a Privileged Account on your Password Record.  The two scenarios are below:


  1. If the account you are intending on performing a reset on has the "Manager" role on your Procurve switch, then it is not necessary to select a Privileged Account o the screen below.
  2. If the account you are intending on performing a reset is only an "Operator" on the switch, then you must select a privileged account that has "Manager" permissions on the switch.


More information about this screenshot below:

  • Ensure you select the correct Privileged Account and the Reset HP Procurve Password reset script.  
  • Also confirm the Password Reset Schedule is enabled if you want the password to automatically change when the Expiry Date occurs.  With my settings below, it will add another 90 days to the Exiry Date on the record, and will attempt to perform the next reset at midnight. Change these values accordingly.



Screen 3: Confirm the Validate Password for HP Procurve Account validation script is selected




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