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Dell iDRAC Password Reset Example


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Step 1: Ensure you have prerequisites set up for your web server and hosts, as per this forum post (Once off process)

Step 2: Add new Password Record configured as follows:


Screen 1: Ensure you configure the below 5 options correctly and enter in the password for the account.  If you configure an Expiry Date it will automatically change the password when that date is reached.



Screen 2: 

  • Confirm the Reset Dell iDRAC Account Password reset script is selected 
  • Determine whether or not to use a Privileged Account and select the appropriate option. If you do not use a Privileged Account, Passwordstate will connect to the host using the currently active password for the user (in this example marlee), and perform the reset.  Otherwise it will connect to the host with the Privileged Account username and password, and then perform the reset for the user account (marlee)
  • Confirm the Password Reset Schedule is enabled if you want the password to automatically change when the Expiry Date occurs.



Screen 3: Confirm the Validate Password for Dell iDRAC Account validation script is selected





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Currently we do not have any version 9 iDRACs to test against sorry. If this is somethig you need, could you please log a feature request in the features section of our forums here - https://www.clickstudios.com.au/community/

If you have some PowerShell skills yourself, you can also add in your own PowerShell scripts, if you need this quickly.


Click Studios

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Cheers for the response, I have added a feature request. The issue seems to be linked to how the ChilkatDotNet45 library sends the username and password on the below line.


$success = $ssh.AuthenticatePw($UserName, $CurrentPassword)


It reports an incorrect password response, but that is not the case. 



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