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Troubleshooting Detection Issues with Chrome


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As all websites are created differently, it is difficult for our browser extensions to identify the necessary fields on every webpage required to perform the auto-fill function.  For sites where our browser extension cannot detect the form fields automatically, it is possible to manually add the required fields.


Working with Chrome is the easiest solution, as it has a free extension that helps look for the information on  the web page. Below are instructions on how to use this extension:


In Chrome, install an extension called Web Developer:




Browse to the login page of the site you are having issues with, and select "Display Form Fields" from the Web Developer extension:




You should now see the HTML form names as per screenshot below, and will need to look for the Username and Password fields - These form names will be different for each web site you go to:




If you now create a record in Passwordstate with the URL of your website, username and password, you will need to also populate the "Browser Form Fields" tab with the information you found in the step above:





You will now need to close your browser (all tabs), and reopen it so the extension can update the information from the Passwordstate web site.  If you browse back to your website login page, it should auto-fill the forms for you.







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