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Upgrading password vault showing error


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Please assist me here asap.. I am upgrading the vault and it showing me the below error.

Showing error in upgradelog :

Build Process 'Build_7798_EncryptPasswordDocuments()' failed with the following error - Thread+was+being+aborted. ::: +++at+System.Threading.Thread.AbortInternal()%0d%0a+++at+System.Threading.Thread.Abort(Object+stateInfo)%0d%0a+++at+System.Web.HttpResponse.AbortCurrentThread()%0d%0a+++at+Passwordstate.Common.AddDebugInfoData(String+Category%2c+String+DebugInformation%2c+String+EventType)%0d%0a+++at+Passwordstate.Crypto.AES_Encrypt(String+myString)%0d%0a+++at+Passwordstate.Upgrade.Build_7798_EncryptPasswordListDocuments()

3/2/2017 6:26:07 PM - Build Process 'Build_7798_Updates' failed with the following error - Thread+was+being+aborted. ::: +++at+System.Threading.Thread.AbortInternal()%0d%0a+++at+System.Threading.Thread.Abort(Object+stateInfo)%0d%0a+++at+System.Web.HttpResponse.AbortCurrentThread()%0d%0a+++at+Passwordstate.Upgrade.Build_7798_EncryptPasswordListDocuments()%0d%0a+++at+Passwordstate.Upgrade.Build_7798_Updates()

Please note the error below has occurred during the upgrade of Passwordstate - More information of the error can be found in the file '/upgrades/UpgradeLog.txt'. 

To assist in troubleshooting this issue, please provide a screenshot of this screen, plus the log file above to Click Studios so they can investigate. Send to support@clickstudios.com.au.



Debug Information

Error: Thread was being aborted.

Stack Trace: at System.Threading.Thread.AbortInternal() at System.Threading.Thread.Abort(Object stateInfo) at System.Web.HttpResponse.AbortCurrentThread() at Passwordstate.Upgrade.Build_7798_EncryptPasswordListDocuments() at Passwordstate.Upgrade.Build_7798_Updates()


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