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 Hi just a thought,


it's a bit confusing to have a report called "Report Name: What has a user been doing lately?" where you can select duration up to 3 years. According to your recommendation, you suggest keeping auditing records up to 1 million. I assume that many of the PasswordState customers for sure generates more records than that over 3 years period. This contradicts a bit to what is recommended and what kind of functionality is provided :)

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Hi Ubagas,

In our development environments, admittedly not a true case scenario, we have over 5 years worth of auditing data that does not reach 1 million records - so we did not consider this. Can you let us know what you are suggesting would be a better option here?

Click Studios

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Hi Ubugas,


Just a quick forum post to advise that we have released Passwordstate 8 Beta 2 today, with a fix for this suggestion you had above.  Thanks for bringing it to our attention, and if you need instructions on how to upgrade to the new Beta, please send an email to support@clickstudios.com.au




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