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Getting credentials prompt when accessing the Windows API Documentation


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When trying to access the new Windows API Documentation from the Help menu in Passwordstate 8, it is possible you get a Windows based prompt asking for a username and password.


To fix this, please ensure your Passwordstate URL is located in the Local Intranet Zone.  To see if it is located in the Local Intranet zone, open Internet Explorer, browse to your website and open Internet Options -> Security.  If it is detected it is in the Local Intranet zone, it will appear blue as per below screenshot:




If you need to you can add the site in the Internet Options above, or add the site to group policy to ensure all machines detect it by default.






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Hi Brian,


Is your URL being detected in the Local Intranet Zone in IE - can you share a screenshot? And can you tell us which browser you are using?


If it is, then the following forum post provides a few more suggestions which will fix this - https://www.clickstudios.com.au/community/index.php?/topic/1305-passwordstate-prompts-for-authentication/



Can you let us know if any of the following helps?


Click Studios

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