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Searching all Password Lists in a Passwor Folder


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We recently upgraded to v8, and I'm having trouble searching across all Password Lists in a Password Folder.


In v7.x, you could select a Password Folder and use the Search box to search across all of the Password Lists contained in it.


In this version, there isn't actually a search box when I have a Folder selected, or a grid to display passwords. I was thinking maybe it's just a display option somewhere but I haven't been able to find anything yet.


Any suggestions?

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Hi Greg,


We removed this search box in Version 8, on Folders in an attempt to simply the search feature in the software. Our intention was to get customers to use the Global Search feature in the top right hand corner.  I'm not sure if this works for you, and we'd love your feedback if it doesn't, but maybe you could search using the following method:


Say you have a folder called "Networking", and you are looking for a password in that networking folder where the Username field is called called "Administrator".  In the Global Search, simply type in networking administrator and it should find it for you, listing all possible matches on the Passwords Home page.


The search is also smart whereas you don't need to enter the complete name.  for example you could type "network admin" and it will find the same thing.


We have had a couple of people miss the search box on the Folder pages, and we are considering adding it back in, in one of the next minor builds.  We were just trying to reduce the amount of search boxes to simplify the product, but we may have been a little off with our design on this one:(


Please let us know how you go.




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I'm certainly willing to give the new global search a shot! I did a few tests with it this morning and was able to find what I was looking for pretty reliably. I'll keep on using it and post back here with any more feedback as I have it.


For the record though, my vote is still to bring back the Search box in the Folder view... if nothing else, it's one more way to help find what you're looking for. Maybe the global search will work better for some, and the folder search better for others.


Thanks for the quick reply!



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Thanks for the feedback Greg:)


The tracking ID for this feature request/improvement is PS-2232 and we think it will be in the next build.  We'll report back here when it's released and if you'd like us to email you directly to advise of the release, please reach out to us at support@clickstudios.com.au and we'll note down your email address.





Click Studios.

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Hi Greg and Intratel,


Today we released a new version of Passwordstate (Build 8114) which includes a Search Box on all Password Folders, allowing you to search only within that folder.  Thanks again for your suggestion – we really appreciate it.


We had a few requests for this so it made sense to reintroduce this functionality.




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