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SQL Server Native Client warning during upgrade


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Just wanted to let you know about a small issue we encountered while upgrading from version 7 to version 8.


Before upgrading, I installed the newer version of the SQL Server Native Client, as mentioned in the announcement.

But during the upgrade Step 2 could not be started because :

"It appears you do not have the SQL Server Native Client installed, which is a required component for Passwordstate 8."


After rebooting the server, Step 2 started as expected and the upgrade finished successfully.

So it seems something is wrong with the 'SQL Server Native Client' version detection?


Kind regards

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Hi Hans,


Sorry you've run into this issue, but no-one else has reported this so far, so we can't be sure why this occurred. We also did testing on multiple different operating systems, and did not see if ourselves. We also did not need to restart the server, only our browser.


Do you remember where you downloaded the "newer version" from?


Click Studios

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