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Remote Sessions without access to password credentials


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Purpose:  This post outlines the process you need to follow, to grant someone access to the Remote Session Launcher, without them having the need to know the password.  An example could be you have a contractor coming on site, and you want them to connect to machines and perform work, but you do knot want them knowing the password they are using to connect.


If you are not familiar with how to set up the Remote Session Launcher, please see this in depth Forum Post - https://www.clickstudios.com.au/community/index.php?/topic/2110-how-to-set-up-the-remote-session-launcher-passwordstate-8/



1. Under the Passwords tab, add a new Password Record that has an account that has permissions to connect into machines on your network.  The following example is an Active Directory account which can connect to any Windows Server or Desktop.  **Note, you do not grant the contractor permissions to see or use this Password Record:




2. Under Hosts tab -> Hosts Home, create a new Remote Session Credential, and link it to the existing Password Record you just created:



3. Grant your Contractor access to the remote session Credential you have just created in step 2 above:



4. Under the Hosts tab, grant the user access to the Folder of your choice, which has the machines added into it:



5. The user will now be able to choose a Host of their choice, and click the Auto Launch button.  This will use the Remote Session Credential to establish a connection to the remote host, and the contractor will not have access to the password that they have connected in with:







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Is it possible to mass grant permission to multiple credentials or do you have to grant a permission for each single Linked Credential? 


For our PasswordState instance we would like to grant multiple users access to multiple servers, but to se this up for each linked credentials is very maintenance heavy, and we have to revise every linked credential every time we get a new member. 

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As we have similar requirements as BjornDir - is there any update on this topic? Is there any possibility to automatically create this linked Remote Session Credentials for newly created hosts and manage the permission on this credentials via groups?

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