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Browser plugin URL matching


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Hi all, I'm wondering how the URL matching for the plugin works. If a password is saved with a URL of http://www.domain.com, should the plugin be smart enough to fill in the login info to http://www.domain.com/login.html? What about https://www.domain.com? Can we use wildcards to help it out?


It seems like it'll fill in non-exact matches for some sites, but not others... I haven't been able to find any real patterns yet.





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Hi Greg,


We are matching here on the Base URL, and not any pages that come after the Base URL.


HTTP is treated as a separate record to HTTPS as well - there will be no match here if what's stored in Passwordstate is different to what's being used on the site.


Also be aware of the Browser Form Fields tab, as this could also have an affect if these field names are incorrect - but hopefully the extension is recording the correct ones.


Click Studios

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Thanks guys,


Just to clarify then - if you're matching on the base URL and I have a password with the URL saved as https://domain.com.... it should match https://domain.com/login.html but not https://www.domain.com/ or https://www.domain.com/login.html. Is that correct?


I have a few picky sites and I'm trying to find the best way to save the URL.



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