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PasswordState upgrade workflow


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I am having some difficulties trying to work out the version upgrade workflow.  My setup is "similar" to what is proposed in "High_Availability_Installation_Instructions.pdf". With load balancers in front, i can redirect users to HA instance (read-only) when the primary instance is in maintenance mode and I am about to do an upgrade. The issue is that when I enable maintenance mode it's being set in the HA instance as well. Is there a way to leave HA instance active while the upgrade is in process? 

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Hi Azkabahn,


At this stage there is currently no way to do this when you're not using the traditional SQL Transactional Replication - with our upgrade instructions for transactional replication, we mention to break the replication before performing upgrades. Obviously you don't need to do this, as we do not believe you are using transactional replication.


So wer're going to need think of another way to achieve this. Can you confirm that the PassiveNode key in your web.config file for your HA node install is set to 'Active'?


Click Studios

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Sorry, I do have SQL Transactional Replication in production, but haven't tested it yet. It's quite sensitive for such testing :)

In the development environment, I have primary and ha instance, but they both using the same backend.  Probably then it explains why it happens. So in production according to your description should be fine.

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