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Slack Notifications?


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Hi all,


So we currently use the email notifications to keep track of changes however this results in excessive amounts of email.  We use slack internally for other notifications, service alerts etc. would it be possible to look at adding slack notifications to password state?  





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Hi Stuart,


Thanks for your suggestion - we really appreciate it.


We do have many feature requests that we're currently working our way through at the moment, but if we receive interest from the community on this request, then we will look at prioritising it for you. 



Click Studios

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When you are adding Webhook in slack, user can choose where to post messages. It can be a direct message to a specific user, but not really makes sense. One webook cannot post to multiple channels or multiple users. So best practice is to have a dedicated alert/notification channel. In terms of the content, it could be the same as in email templates (i assume) already.



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Hi - 

The ability to use webhooks could be really useful.  For example, we have some password lists which we deem particularly sensitive - where users have to give a reason to retrieve a password.  It would be useful to use a webhook for notifiying this action to a Teams Channel.

Are there any plans to add webhook functionality in the future?

Many thanks

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