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Browser plugin - multiple dropdown boxes for 'multiple logins found'


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Hey all, anyone seen this behavior in the browser plugin before?


Occasionally I get two drop-down boxes in the 'multiple logins found' window. It seems to happen only for a couple of specific sites, but not every time for those sites; even when using the exact same URL, sometimes I'll get two drop-downs and sometimes I'll only get one (like it should be). I've obfuscated the usernames in the screenshot, but you can see that they start and end differently. Sometimes the order is reversed; the credential that you see on the left in the screenshot will be in the right, and vice versa. The dropdown lists don't have the same contents... the entries in one will be a sub-set of the entries in the other. When I click Apply, it will choose whatever entry is chosen in the left drop-down box (which may or may not contain all the matching entries, if it's the one with the subset).


I use Firefox primarily, and have only seen this in Firefox. I've tried to duplicate in Chrome but haven't been able to.... but since it only happens sometimes in FF, hard to say if it would ever happen in Chrome or not.





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Hi Greg,


We've never experienced this ourselves, but obviously it is occurring for you occasionally. 


We're about to start a lot of work on the browser extensions, and are redesigning this feature, so possibly this will be resolved once we've finished this work.


Click Studios

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