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Additional Fields as Variables in Email Templates


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As per my email it'd be great to have the ability to set additional fields in email templates, such as the notes fields.

However I'd go so far as to say all standard fields, plus the 10 generic fields - which I'd envision working as [GenericField1], [GenericField2] etc, even though on the passwordlist display names for the fields maybe different.


I'll +1 my own request :lol:

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5 minutes ago, support said:

Thanks for your request, and is this just for the Self Destruct Message feature?


For the email templates in general; whichever templates it seems appropriate to have the variables available.

But specifically for our use, then the self destruct messages at this stage.

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Thanks Sarge.


I guess from a programmatical perspective, it's difficult for us to know which Templates this would be appropriate for i.e. copy passwords to the clipboard, granting access to an individual password record, editing a password record - we can't see how this would be required for this?

So possibly we could add a feature for the Self Destruct messages, as this definitely makes sense as you're sending password details to someone.


Click Studios

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