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I would have a request : 

Persons who have “Modify” permissions can't edit properties or delete a folder without have Admin permissions.

It’s the same thing with passwords lists. Actually, when they click on the folder, “Edit Properties” is grayed.



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Please don't do this. If I give a user access to a list like IT > Ops > Network, I don't want them being able to change the name of or delete the IT or Ops folders, which would have a detrimental effect on other teams, nor change the name of the Network list. I almost came in here to second the OP, complaining that it was possible, until I saw my guinea-pig user wasn't actually able to click the save button in the properties dialogue, and that the OP was advocating for this to be possible. If anything, make attempting to edit folders without admin rights display the same "insufficient privileges" message it does for lists instead of opening the non-functioning properties window.

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+1 for this feature request with configurable options through the administration menu.

Reason: When a user has modify rights in a folder with propagated permissions, he can create Passwordlists, but he's unable to modify or delete the Passwordlists afterwards, when he made a misstake (e.g. typo).

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