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[API] Query user-/accountnames only


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Hi and a happy new year,


we use Royal TS (Connection Management Tool) from https://www.royalapplications.com/ and want to link it dynamically to Passwordstate.


Royal TS has an abstraction for hostnames/usernames and the credentials (one script can call the "hostlist" an other the "credentialslist" and only the ones he's allowed to see)... so a user can see all hostnames when he starts the tool, but only when he connects to one of it the credentials will be queried. That is normally perfect ... then we see in the Passwordstate also an audit entry for this connection try.


But we can't find an API call for query only the entries without the passwords, in the RoyalTS Frontend we can filter this, but an nosier user (developers are childs sometimes ;)) can simply catch all Passwordstate Passwords when he looks into the script ... can you add an specific API Call (with maybe an own API key for this) query the details without the passwords only?


Thank you!

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