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Search for Compromised Passwords


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Seeking advise on what I am trying to accomplish.


Thankful for the recent addition of HIBP and the value it provides moving forward but I am looking at:

  1. Running a report to list all accounts that have a "bad" password and is already stored in the DB
  2. Searching all accounts by password. For example, if we found out that Password123 is "weak"...how do I search for all accounts with the password "Password123" so they can be addressed?



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Hi Parrishk,


You cannot search for the value of the passwords in Passwordstate, as it's an encrypted field. If you go to the screen Administration -> Reporting, and run the report 'Passwords Strength Compliance Status', the last column on this grid is 'Bad Password', and that will highlight if there is a bad password match - but we do not reveal the password here.

If you need to search for the values of Passwords, then your only real option here is to export all password to the password protected zip file, and then search through the CSV - although, this would be for Shared Password Lists only, not Private.


Click Studios

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