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New Team Lead (Admin rights needed)

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I'm the new Team Leader off a department and I need full admin rights on all password lists.

I can't find where to configure that.


I see that when a folder is created a set of people are default administrator and i'm not included in that list.

I can't add myself when the folder is created in the root.
How can i add myself as administrator or when a folder is created that i'm default administrator also.


WIth kind regards,



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12 hours ago, John T'Jampens said:

I can't find where to configure that.


That would depend on how Passwordstate has been configured in your environment.

If all password list permissions are linked to a password list template then it would be as simple as adjusting the permissions on the password list template to include your user group (and/or user account).

You can also navigate to Administration > Password Lists.
From here you can use the drop down menu next to each password list to view, and assign permissions (Assuming permissions aren't linked to a password list template).


Whoever configured the application may also have granted the first account created during the OOBE access to all passwords.

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Hi John,


I think the reason you are seeing a few user get access to every password list that is created is because those users are Security Administrator of the product, where you have not been granted this role yet.  Can you see the Administration tab at all?  If not you aren't a security Administrator:




You'll need to get one of your Security Admins to first add you in as a Security Administrator to the System, under Administration -> Security Administrators:





And then you should be granted access to all new Password Lists as they are created due to this Administration -> System Setting -> Password Lists Options setting: (Found at the very bottom of the page)




Once you are a Security Administrator, you can also grant yourself access to all Password Lists from Administration -> Password Lists -> Administer Bulk Permissions:




But please note you do not have to have permissions to each Password List to administer them, you can change settings and permissions on them from the Password List Admin page I showed you above.  Granting yourself access to the Password Lists also gives you full access to the passwords that they hold.  But this is entirely your decision and is most likely fine for your scenario.


If you do not have another security Administrator that can grant you permissions to be a Security Administrator, please let me know and I can send through some instructions.


I hope this helps but please let me know if it doesn't:)






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Hi guys,

I'm already a Security Administrator and I can see the tab Administration.
In the screenshot you see for example the template that we use to create a new folder for our customers and i can't grant new permissions to it.

Everything that is in the root of Password Home i can't change.




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Hi John,


When you are outside of the Administration tab, you do not necessarily get Admin rights just because you are a Security Administrator - this is by design.


So in the Administration tab, you can apply permissions to Password List Templates, Folders and Password Lists, via each of the relevant menus you see in this section. Take a look at those, and please let us know if you have any further issues. Also please note, from within the Admin area, you cannot grant yourself access to Password Lists, but you can for other users and security groups,


Click Studios

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