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Creating an Audit User


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Hey Guys,


Im running v8.7 build 8792 and am looking to setup a user so that they can only do audit tasks (they work for the audit team).


Ive created/added the user and have given them only Auditing and Auditing Graphs rights in Security Admin.


When they go into Auditing though they can only see the discovery jobs that were done, they get no password audit data ?  Only 11 records are shown.


Screenshot attached of the only things they can see.


Can you tell me what permissions they need or how i go about setting this up ?




PState Audit screenshot.jpg

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If you're using has been given access to this screen, then they should see all data - there is no filtering we apply here by default - so this behaviour is very strange. I'm not sure it would be affecting the filtering, but can you please try disabling your LastPass extension and see if that helps at all?


Click Studios

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This screenshot was taken from the users machine and they dont have lastpass on their machine.  Ive since created multiple new user account and given them auditing rights on security administration and i still get the same result, only 11 records showing

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Your screenshot below shows they have LastPass installed - I can see three icon overlays for it. Can you try disabling it please, or maybe get them to test with a different browser so they don't have to disable it.


Click Studios

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