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Remote Session Launcher - Adding more choices of connection types


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I played a lot with the PS Remote Session Launcher and it's integration with applications via the PSLauncher.ps1 script.

There is, as of yet, 5 choices only (RDP, SSH, TeamViewer, Telnet and VNC)

The Telnet one, in my opinion, can be dropped because Telnet shouldn't be used in any way.


Here is the improvement proposal:

  • These 5 choices should be at least 10. (and an infinity if possible, like a + button to add a new one)
    • There is plenty of applications that uses passwords and that are cli compatible to launch. (Like the many  VPN clients out there)
  • The choices should be fully customizable.
    • The 5 defaults could be pre-configured
    • The 5 (or more) following could be user defined
  • The PSLauncher.ps1 script doesn't need any modification since it already is customizable.


This comes from our usage, which is RDP, SSH, Teamviewer and VPN clients mostly.

Since the VNC and Telnet options are not used they have been reconfigured in the PSLauncher.ps1 script to be mapped on 2 VPN clients.


Have a nice day!

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