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Change default flag of Templates/Policies/Types


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is it possible to change the "default flag" of password list templates, all policies and Images and account types?
If you create a new password list, it looks similar to this screen:



Is it possible to change the default values for Template, Image, Password Generator Policy etc.? 

For Example, i want to display the "Default Template" (ID 13) as default value in the dropdown menu and not the "Standard Password List" (ID 1) (see screenshot below).
Is this possible?




I know that i can create a user policy and force the usage of "Default template" but that not exactly what i am looking for (And is only possible for password lists)

This basically should be possible for every drop-down menu. I cannot find any setting for this option.


My concern is that most lists are created by users or due to carelessness with the wrong template or policies. That is what I want to avoid. The general possiblity to select these options/lists/policies for the users should remain.

Thanks and keep healthy,

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Sorry, but we cannot change which Password List is selected as the default when you enter this screen. But there might be a couple of System Settings option to help with this - on the screen Administration -> System Settings -> Password List Options tab. The options are:


  • Hide the Inbuilt Password List Templates from all users - so you can add your own Templates, and not use ours if you don't want to
  • On screens which shows Password List Templates - you can chose to only show Templates that you grant users access to

We hope this helps.


Click Studios

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