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Hello stdgde,


In speaking with another collegue here, I think I must have misunderstood you when you said 'on the Client' - I thought you meant from your desktop itself, and not in the remote session itself.

By default, the desktop is disabled with RDP sessions, to improve performance and file sizes of recorded sessions.


If you need a feature for this, could you log this as a feature request in our forums - or I can move this post for you if you like?


Click Studio

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It would really nice if, as admin in passwordstate, you could change the options that you could use in the remotepspark html5 launcher (http://www.remotespark.com/html5.html).
At the RemoteSpark Demo page (http://www.remotespark.com/view/rdp.html) under the Advanced Tab, you can change the options. 


If you could somehow set these options in the PasswordState Administration Menu or in the gateway.conf and activate them separately (Disabled by default), would be great.

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