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Possibility to change the 2FA title/description of Google/HOTP/TOTP


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Hi @support


The title is perhaps a little bit misleading, but in our environment the name "Google Authenticator" or "HOTP"/"TOTP" confuses a lot of our employees. Here an example of the login screen:

(I have also another open feature request about the customization of the 2FA part, see here)



It would be really, really helpful for us if you could set in the Authentication Options (or elsewhere) configuration what to call these 2FA verification titles. 

You can use any of the 2FA apps available in the market and you do not need to use "Google Authenticator". You could use OTP Auth for IPhone, Microsoft Authenticator, Fortinet Authenticator or any other app to use it with PasswordState.
So this confuses a lot of employees that they should install another app for two factor verification.

So, my question, can we add a configuration option for changing the name of "Google Authenticator" (Also HOTP/TOTP) and "Google verification" to a customized name? (Default will be Google) Or just the word "Google"?
Or can you already customize it somewhere in the database?




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