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Single password / password list recovery


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There should be a sort of recycle bin to allow a security administrator to recover deleted single passwords or password lists for users. Accidental deletions seem to require a full database restore which can be destructive if a user does not discover their mistake for a period of time.


Unless I'm missing an already implemented feature, please look into adding this functionality.

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3 hours ago, Fabian Näf said:

Hi pferree

Every Paaswordlist has its own recyle bin. You find the recycle bin under "List Administrator Actions..." This option should be available on any Passwortlist in the dropdown menu on the bottom right side.

Best regards,


That's great, but what about a recycle bin for deleted password lists?

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Thanks - we've been meaning to work on this for quite some time now, but it does require updating several hundred calls to the database, and testing them all, across all tiers and modules in Passwordstate.

There just seems to be a lot more other request that seem to take up our time. Maybe we could improve the delete process here, so the user is well aware this is an irreversible process - we could make them acknowledge it by forcing them to tick a checkbox.



Click Studios

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