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Report: Password lists (and/or folders?) without admins

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Sometimes it happens that people are leaving our company. When their account is deleted (or disabled) it can result in passwordlists having no admin anymore.


As far as I can tell there's no easy way to generate a report of these lists, so that would be a welcome addition to passwordstate.


Any work arounds maybe?



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Thanks for your request. As a work around, you could run the SQL Query below. Any Password Lists with a TotalPermissions of 0, means there is no Admin on the list.


USE Passwordstate

SELECT PasswordLists.PasswordListID, PasswordLists.PasswordList, PasswordLists.Description, PasswordLists.TreePath, (SELECT COUNT(PasswordListID) FROM [PasswordListsACL] PSSWD WHERE (PSSWD.PasswordListID = PasswordLists.PasswordListID) AND (PSSWD.Permissions = 'A')) As TotalPermissions
FROM [PasswordLists] 
WHERE (PasswordLists.PrivatePasswordList = 0) AND (PasswordLists.Folder <> 1) 
GROUP BY PasswordLists.PasswordListID, PasswordLists.PasswordList, PasswordLists.Description, PasswordLists.TreePath
ORDER BY PasswordLists.PasswordList


Click Studios

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I agree the query works fine, but it requires SQL access. I wouldn't want to allow too many servicedesk people access to the database (and bypassing audit logs).

So would be nice to have the report in place. 

The primary usecase I would use this report is when/before deleting a user. So ideally the report would be "Password lists for which a user is the only admin".

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